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IMAGINE IF... festival

The world very sadly lost Sir Ken Robinson last August, but his legacy continues on!

Join the Imagine Festival next week, 1-4 March 2021

A festival to celebrate the life and legacy of Sir Ken Robinson

"A week-long, online celebration of the life and work of Sir Ken Robinson PhD. Sir Ken passed away in August 2020, and he leaves behind him an incredible legacy for us all to continue. The event will champion our diversity of talents through performances, talks, discussions, and of course videos of Sir Ken himself.

Our event has two components – March 1st – 3rd: the Imagine If… fringe festival featuring a range of third party organised celebrations, and March 4th: Sir Ken’s birthday will be the official Imagine If… broadcast event. Please stay tuned for the official line-up.

At its core, Imagine if… will act as a launchpad for everyone who is dedicated to continuing Sir Ken’s work.

This event will be hosted on Sir Ken Robinson's social media platforms and"

Watch Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk:

Fun fact: This super inspiring video has been the most popular/watched TED talk

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