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Sofia has over 13 years of experience in Design, Photography and Digital Media, allowing her to maintain a wide variety of skills that assist in supporting students and professionals involved in the creative industries.

Moreover, she has achieved an MSc in Design and Digital Media with distinction from the University of Edinburgh and holds a 1:1 BA in Photography and Audiovisual Arts.


Since she started teaching in 2013, she has taught people of all ages (5 to 75!) and abilities, including individuals with learning and behavioural difficulties.


Sofia has delivered bespoke Adobe creative training for clients such as the BBC, SKY, WWF, ILGA, NHS, Roche, The National Gallery and several Universities and Colleges.




Image by Scott Webb


Sofia has successfully employed a motivational approach when teaching and found that this led to many positive student outcomes, such as promoting critical thinking and creative problem-solving. She chooses content and activities that are both significant and challenging for the students so that they are stimulated to think beyond their comfort zone and feel involved in their learning process. A key part of her career is helping students reach their full potential, which she works towards by modifying her teaching methods to each individual.


What is your education and expertise?

Recently, I graduated with an MSc in Design and Digital Media with distinction from the University of Edinburgh where I worked with 3D, Motion Graphics, VFX, UI/UX and AR/VR Experiences. I also hold a 1:1 BA (Hons) on Photography and Audiovisual Arts, during I had the opportunity to experiment with different forms of visual and digital art, whilst specialising in Architecture Advertising Photography and Image Editing. I have also achieved a Digital Photography certificate from the University of Harvard.

I started designing with Adobe in school, and since 2015 I've continuously been one of the very few Adobe Certified Instructors and Experts. Because of my comprehensive knowledge of the Adobe software and digital media theory, I received a series of certifications from Adobe, such as Educator Specialist in Visual and Video Design, Digital Imaging and Digital Creativity Expert for classrooms, Expert in Digital Media and Creativity Training and Adobe Education Trainer, accrediting me to train other educators.


Why did you choose to teach and what is your greatest satisfaction as a tutor?

I followed a career path that allowed me to gain diverse skills, as I was eager to immerse myself in all types of digital media. This variety of experiences assisted me in supporting other professionals and enthusiasts involved in the creative industries.

At first, I began by tutoring my classmates in university, making me realise my love for teaching, which lead to my first teaching position at the age of 22.

I feel a great sense of fulfilment in helping my students realise their full potential and that in itself is hugely rewarding. I love using my knowledge to help and inspire people; giving them the opportunity to see their visions become a reality and would love to devote my future in inspiring and educating creatives.

What advice would you offer to a student that wants to become an expert in the field you are teaching?

In the words of one of my greatest inspirations, Sir Ken Robinson, 'If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original'. In the world of creative arts there is no definitive right or wrong, so as long as you nurture your inner child and do not limit your creativity you will go on to create great things.

Original interview published by the London Graphics Academy


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